1974 - We Came, We Saw, We Invested.

Real Italian Estate

In 1974, Ernesto Preatoni embarked on a visionary journey by acquiring expansive land plots in the United States. This pivotal move marked the beginning of a legacy defined by visionary ambition and a commitment to redefining luxury living. The acquired land became the canvas setting the stage for decades of innovation and excellence in real estate development. This first chapter in our history echoes with the spirit of pioneering ambition, laying the foundation for a journey that continues to shape environments where luxury seamlessly intertwines with thoughtful design.

1979 - The Italian Stock Market & Property Development

Our Vision Takes Flight

In 1979, Preatoni expanded its reach by initiating property developments in Italy, emphasizing a commitment to shaping the landscapes of its native country. Simultaneously, the company achieved a significant financial milestone by successfully entering the Italian stock market. This dual accomplishment reflected Preatoni's adaptability, resilience, and dedication to contributing meaningfully to communities. The year 1979 marked a pivotal moment where roots were firmly planted in Italy, and financial success was cultivated in the stock market, setting the stage for a legacy defined by growth, excellence, and a profound commitment to exceptional real estate experiences.

1985 - Italy's Largest Financial Company

Bold On Bi-Invest

In 1985, we achieved monumental success by spearheading the takeover of Bi-invest, Italy's largest financial company. This strategic move not only demonstrated our company's strength and influence but also solidified our position as key players in Italy's financial landscape. The year 1985 marked a turning point where Preatoni extended its reach beyond real estate, showcasing a bold vision and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

1987 - Taking the Helm of Italy's 35th Largest Bank

Banca Popolare di Lecco

In 1987, Preatoni achieved a momentous feat by leading the takeover of Banca Popolare di Lecco, the 35th largest bank in Italy. This strategic move demonstrated our company's financial prowess and positioned us as influential figures in Italy's banking sector. The year 1987 marked a significant chapter where Preatoni expanded its footprint beyond real estate, showcasing our ability to navigate diverse sectors of the Italian economy.

1988 - Italy's Largest Hotel Co-Ownership Venture

Domina Vacanze

In 1988, Preatoni made history by founding Domina Vacanze, heralding the inception of Italy's largest hotel co-ownership venture. This visionary move showcased our commitment to pioneering real estate concepts and providing innovative opportunities for individuals to engage in shared ownership of premier hospitality establishments. The year 1988 marked a significant moment where Preatoni extended its influence beyond traditional real estate, creating a novel approach to hospitality that resonates with our dedication to progressive and inclusive living experiences.

1990 - Italy's 3rd Largest Private Bank

Credito Bergamasco

In 1990, Preatoni took over Credito Bergamasco, the third-largest private bank in Italy. This strategic move demonstrated our financial acumen and further solidified our presence as key players in Italy's banking sector.

1991 - Pioneering Sharm El Sheikh

Domina Coral Bay

In 1991, Preatoni made history by developing Domina Coral Bay, the inaugural resort project in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. This pioneering endeavour is one of the most fascinating Red Sea destinations, which extends over an area of 1 Million Square Meters of Paradise nestled next to a beautiful coral reef which includes an extraordinary 1.8 km long private beach with 3 floating platforms and a breathtaking Salt Lake.

1994 - Market Leader in Baltic Real Estate


In 1994, Preatoni established ProKapital in Tallinn, to become the real estate market leader in the Baltics. This strategic move underscored our commitment to expanding global influence and creating innovative living spaces beyond established borders. The year 1994 remains a milestone, showcasing Preatoni as a trailblazer in the international real estate arena.

1996 - Baltics' 2nd Largest Bank

UhisBank Estonia

In 1996, Preatoni led the takeover of Uhisbank, the second-largest bank in the Baltics. This strategic move solidified our presence in the Baltic region's financial landscape. Simultaneously, our expansion into Russia through ProKapital underscored our commitment to global growth and innovation in real estate. The year 1996 stands as a testament to our strategic foresight, financial strength, and the ongoing evolution of Preatoni into an international real estate and banking powerhouse.

1998 - Baltics' First Mega Shopping Mall

Kristiine Center

In 1998, Preatoni expanded into Lithuania through Pro Kapital. Simultaneously, the company unveiled a groundbreaking project, Kristine, the first mega shopping mall in the Baltics, located in Tallinn, Estonia. These milestones underscored Preatoni's commitment to regional expansion and innovative urban development.